• A photo of a train leaving the Roxbury Crossing Orange Line Station. Roxbury Crossing is a rapid transit station on the MBTA Orange Line, located on Tremont Street in the Mission Hill neighborhood of Boston. The current station opened in 1987 as part of the renovation and relocation of the southern Orange Line. Like all stations on the Orange Line, Roxbury Crossing is wheelchair accessible.

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting yet another new friend, and showing her around the great city of Boston! Chelsi moved here from California about a month ago, and had not really explored Boston in detail. So, yesterday morning, I met her at the Roxbury Crossing Orange Line station and another Boston adventure began!

    Our first stop was my former high school, the Perkins School for the Blind in Watertown. I always show my new friends this important landmark, because going there was a life-changing experience. While walking around the campus, Chelsi really enjoyed the scenery, and said in particular that the Chapel and Dwight Hall were very pretty. Additionally, interestingly, she compared the Howe Building, which is the main building, to Hogwarts castle! It was interesting to hear that perspective, since we both enjoy Harry Potter. After Perkins, we had a difficult walk, since the road and sidewalks were full of snow and ice, getting to the Starbuck’s in Watertown Square so that we could catch a bus. After slipping a lot, switching from the street to the sidewalk, and battling the weather, we finally reach Starbuck’s and hop on the electric bus 71 to Harvard Square. Chelsi attended college in San Francisco, so it was interesting to hear her perspectives on how the T compares to the transportation systems out on the west coast. She was impressed that the T’s automated stop announcement system was made by an actual person, rather than a computer which you would think when first hearing it.

  • Our next destination was the big Starbuck’s, right in the center of Harvard Square. It has two levels, and a lot of seating. It was very relaxing, and we were able to chat and find a comfortable couch upstairs. We chatted a lot about our current and future endeavors, enjoyed our coffee, and Chelsi said that she may come back to this Starbuck’s to study at some point in the future, since it is so comfortable.

    By this time, it was around lunch, so we headed downstairs into the Harvard Square T station and hopped back on the 71 bus to Watertown and ate at one of my favorite landmarks, a Greek restaurant called Demo’s. They have great kebabs, such as lamb, chicken, and beef, a great spinach pie, and other Greek favorites. I used to eat here quite frequently, while I was going to Perkins. At Demo’s, we both enjoyed our kabobs and salad, and I also enjoyed a side order of spinach pie. It was awesome and hit the spot! Demo’s was very relaxing, casual, and inexpensive, and everything at Demo’s is freshly made so we couldn’t go wrong on that front!

  • A photo across the waterway of the CambridgeSide Galleria. The CambridgeSide Galleria is a mall located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that opened in 1990.

    After our Greek food fix, we took the 71 bus back to Harvard Square, and then wandered around, trying to find the bus stop for the 69, which took us to the Cambridgeside Galleria. The mall has three stories, and features the Cheesecake Factory and California Pizza Kitchen. we had fun just walking around. While at the mall, Chelsi registered for some enterprise car rental deal, and got a free Starbuck’s card in the process! We also stopped at a few shoe stores, since she wanted to find some new shoes because of this winter weather. It’s always warm in California!

    After the mall, we were bound for Modern Pastry in the North End, which is a famous bakery. Chelsi visited Mike’s Pastry a few days ago, but we both had not experienced Modern Pastry. We took the Green Line, which she had never been on, to Haymarket Station. Chelsi thought that it was interesting that the Green Line has two types of cars, one with only one step and one where you have to climb up three stairs in order to board.

    After dealing with the crowds as we walked through a market, we finally make it to Modern Pastry. Upon arrival, we noticed that the line was way outside, and figured that it was not worth the wait, so we went to Mike’s instead. What a crowd! Mike’s actually has seven lines, so the wait wasn’t too bad. Although, we had to deal with people that were not aggressive, so ordering took a bit. Since I like peanut butter, and Chelsi had the peanut butter canoli during her last visit, I got that and man! It was peanut butter heaven, and surprisingly, it was only $3.50. What a deal!

    After Mike’s Pastry, our last stop was the Last Drop, which is one of my favorite bars in Brighton. On our way to the Last Drop, we made a stop at South Station, the main transportation hub of Boston, because I had learned that a new bar, the Tavern in the Square, opened so I wanted to check it out. Unlike the full-service Tavern in the Square, this one is much smaller. It’s really neat closed off from the main hustle and bustle of the train station, 32 beers on tap, some TVs, and while they don’t have a full kitchen, they do have some food. Maybe when I take a train I’ll make a stop there next time!

  • A photo of Kenmore Square & the Citgo sign from the Prudential Tower. Kenmore Square is a square in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, consisting of the intersection of several main avenues (including Beacon Street and Commonwealth Avenue) as well as several other cross streets, and Kenmore Station, an MBTA subway stop. Kenmore Square is close to or abuts Boston University and Fenway Park, and it features Lansdowne Street, a center of Boston nightlife, and the iconic Citgo sign. It is also the eastern terminus of U.S. Route 20, the longest U.S. Highway.

    To get to the Last Drop, we took the Red Line back to Park Street, dealt with a big crowd, and took the Green Line to Kenmore Square, which is located near Fenway Park. Once there, we barely made bus 57, and man, we were jammed in like sardines!! It felt like it was a weeknight during rush hour, the bus was so busy. Since it was so busy, the driver even called in an extra bus for part of the route!

    Thankfully, we arrived at the Last Drop out of that big crowd. At the Last Drop, it was quiet, casual, and very relaxing. Since it was early in the night, there were only a few other people there. We enjoyed a few drinks, more talking, and after a bit we ordered from my favorite Chinese restaurant, New Hong Kong. Chelsi loved how even though the Last Drop doesn’t have food, you can order from local restaurants. We enjoyed our dumplings, orange chicken, sesame chicken, and other appetizers, and we both love how the food is freshly made per order and is such a great value! after a great dinner and a few more drinks, we made our way home, and I got back to Brighton around 11:00 PM. What an awesome 12-hour day, and it is awesome to make, yet another, new adventure friend!