• Photo of Harvard Square Neighborhood. Harvard Square is a people-watcher's paradise, as the bustle of bookish Harvard students, mohawked punks, camera-toting tourists, homeless panhandlers, buskers and harried businesspeople creates a diverse and colorful street scene. It is of course intimately tied to the university of the same name, which boasts a panoply of sights, monuments and eye-popping architecture within its modestly sized campus.

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of making a wonderful new friend here in Boston named Sarah! She is from Fayetteville, Arkansas, and is attending Emerson College here in Boston getting her Master’s in publishing. So yesterday, I really enjoyed showing her around the city. Our first stop was the Fire and Ice Improvisational Grill in the Copley Square neighborhood of the city. For those of you that don’t know what Fire and Ice is, it’s an all you can eat stir-fry place. They have many vegetables, meats, spices, sauces, pastas, and several different kinds of rice! It was amazing and Sarah really enjoyed it. It was funny because since she wasn’t familiar with how the restaurant operated, she accidentally got me two plats of food, but I only had one! It was amazing.

    After a great lunch to kick off the afternoon, we took the bus to Watertown and visited my former high school, the Perkins School for the Blind, I showed her around campus, we talked with some of my former teachers, and even sat in on the Chamber Singers rehearsal. They were starting a new song, the familiar Christmas carol Fum, Fum, Fum, but it was in Spanish. She really enjoyed the campus, as well as meeting the students and staff!

    After visiting Perkins, we went over to Harvard Square and relaxed at Starbuck’s for a bit. It was nice to chat, get to know each other more, and just relax. After that, to end the night, we went to Karaoke at the Limelight Stage and Studios! On the way there, we were lucky enough to meet her roommate, Lucky, at Downtown Crossing Station. Lucky, like Sarah, is awesome and we had the chance to chat for a bit. Sarah really enjoys Karaoke, and told me that it is popular in Arkansas. While I’ve only been a few times to different karaoke clubs, I really enjoyed it tonight! It was great because since we arrived there early, we were the only ones there. So it was great to sing songs for each other, without any crowd. I sang Billy Joel’s New York State of Mine, as well as a different arrangement of the Beatles song, Let It Be. Even though it was in a different key, it was still awesome to sing. Sarah sang songs from various rock groups that are more current. After two hours of singing, we went home and it was the conclusion of a great first adventure. Sarah is very positive, out-going, enthusiastic, and I look forward to more adventures both around Boston and elsewhere!