• Résumé

  • Summary of Qualifications

    • Able to advocate for public transportation, internet website, and apple application accessibility
    • Familiarity with regulations around ADA compliance, WCAG 2.1 compliance, and public transit agency vehicles
    • Fully comprehend the importance of accessibility for fixed route systems and para-transit services
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, detail-oriented, and excellent organizational skills
    • Capable of researching and compiling information
    • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher
  • Professional Employment

    Human Resources Assistant
    Brookline Bank
    Boston, MA

    • Assist the Human Resources staff with several tasks, including going through the pages on the internal compass platform, ensuring that all links and e-mail addresses work, as well as ensuring that the pages are ADA compliant
  • Compliance Assistant
    Brookline Bank
    Boston, MA

    • Assist the compliance staff with several tasks, including updating the Good Corporate Citizenship and the Bank Rhode Island training spreadsheets, and ensuring that bank staff have their NMLS number listed properly on the Linked In platform.
  • Cash Management Services
    Brookline Bank
    Boston, MA

    • Assist the Cash Management staff with a variety of daily and monthly tasks such as downloading reports, emailing staff the downloaded reports, monitoring velocity exceptions, tracking total originations, downloading database backups, and downloading monthly activity reports
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Specialist
    Brookline Bank
    Boston, MA

    • Initiated the concept of allowing the use of the AIRA service, which assists people with vision disabilities at Brookline Bancorp
    • Developed an ADA web page that includes videos that show me completing tasks, as well as the steps that I consult to complete those tasks
    • Make practical recommendations to ensure website accessibility
    • Assist in ensuring that Brookline Bank's website, as well as other internal and external bank websites and mobile applications, are accessible to the visually impaired
    • Visited all Brookline Bank and Bank Rhode Island branches, interacted with branch staff, and ensured that the AIRA service works throughout the branches, as well as the ATM machines, work throughout the branches
  • Website Accessibility Consultant
    Brookline Bank
    Boston, MA

    • Made practical recommendations to ensure internal and external website accessibility
    • Assist in ensuring that Brookline Bank's website, as well as other internal and external bank websites, are accessible to the visually impaired
  • Public Sector Committee Experience

    Committee Member
    Access Advisory Committee, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
    Boston, MA
    2012 – 2016

    • Serve on the board of the Access Advisory Committee to the MBTA, and attend monthly meetings
    • Advise the T on accessibility issues and make recommendations
    • Attend meetings of the Rider Oversight Committee, and write monthly reports
    • Represent AACT at other committee meetings
    • Write reports and submit findings and summations of meetings to chairman
  • Northeast Conference on Public Administration
    George Mason University
    Arlington, VA
    November 2015 
    Presented Master’s Thesis: Accessibility of the Boston Subway System for the Visually Impaired

  • Internship Experience

    Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
    Boston, MA

    • Assisted MBTA to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act; observed and provided reports regarding transportation accessibility
    • Reviewed and categorized written complaints i.e., failure to provide services for individuals with physical disabilities
  • Smart Growth Vermont
    Burlington, VT

    • Researched Vermont transportation systems; composed descriptions with the purpose of preventing urban sprawl and preserving the environment
    • Provided public transportation information for the Smart Growth Vermont website
  • Additional Experience

    Perkins School for the Blind
    Watertown, MA   
    2012 – Present

    • Provide assistance to students to ensure independence in accessing public transportation
  • Intern
    Massachusetts Commission for the Blind
    Boston, MA 

    • Assisted in editing the Client Assistant Program Information Guide
  • Radio Show Host
    University of New Hampshire - WUNH
    Durham, NH    
    2009 – 2011

    Research Intern
    Institute for Human Centered Design
    Boston, MA
    2008 – 2011

    Radio Information Director
    Keene State College-WKNH
    Keene, NH
    2007 – 2008 

    Radio Show Host
    Keene State College - WKNH
    Keene, NH
    2006 – 2008

  • Education

    University of Massachusetts Boston
    Boston, MA
    May 2015
    Master’s in Public Administration
    Thesis: Accessibility of the Boston Subway System for the Visually Impaired

  • Related Coursework: Program Evaluation

  • Related Project

    • Interviewed MBTA Program Coordinator regarding the MBTA internal monitoring program to ensure that customers and observers that travel via subway or bus and ask operators for assistance are able to see if operators will react and comply appropriately
  • University of New Hampshire
    Durham, NH
    Coursework toward Graduate Studies in Public Administration
    2009 – 2011

  • Keene State College
    Keene, NH
    May 2008
    Bachelor of Arts in English